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Biodegradable Film

Anxious about the carbon footprint of your current packaging?  Have your customers demanded more green, environmentally friendly packaging? Polynova’s biodegradable film has the perfect solution!

Polynova has been supplying biodegradable alternatives for Polyethylene / Polypropylene film products well over a decade and we are the leading supplier of biodegradable flexible packaging on the Pacific West Coast.

Properties of our Biodegradable Film:

  • Biodegradable and 100% compostable
  • Oil and fat resistant
  • Strong flavour and odour barrier properties
  • High resolution printable and sealable
  • Inherently anti-static and soft touch
  • Available in very thin film gauges
  • Suitable for hygiene packaging
  • Variety of colour options
  • Rotogravure quality flexographic prints

Call  1-800-844-0363 to discuss the specifications of your biodegradable film with our one of our sales engineers or request a quote online.

Specifics of Biodegradable Film

We work closely with the major global leaders of the biodegradable plastics resin industry to procure raw material for our compostable films. Our plastic film meets the following international standards for compostability:

  • in America - ASTM 6400
  • in Australia - AS 4736
  • in Europe - En13432
  • in Japan - Green Pla.

Polynova supplies a wide range of biodegradable film types. Starting from the simplest LLDPE, MDPE or HDPE biodegradable films, we are capable of configuring films with special properties such as fast sealing, or a range of high barrier property, multi-layer laminate films. You may choose between renewable material based resin (potato and corn resin) and traditional PE/PP resin for your degradable film.

Both types are 100% compostable. Due to the special bio-additive in the degradable resin, the film decomposes to bio-compost, water and carbon-dioxide. Longevity of the degradable film can be specified precisely to your needs.Depending on the specified configuration, bio-degradable films will begin decomposing from 6 to 36 months. Typical applications of the biodegradable film are special liners, waste management sheets, agricultural applications, retail and convenience bags.