Lidding Film

Don't let difficult-to-open lids or ripping packaging affect your customer satisfaction. Our premium lidding film is the solution you need. Designed for a variety of sizes and applications, it ensures easy opening and eliminates frustration for your customers.

Our high-quality lidding film is trusted by clients in various industries, including food (hummus, yogurt, sauces, soups, dips) and pharmaceuticals. It provides effective oxygen barrier protection and a tamper-evident seal to maintain product quality and freshness.

Additionally, our top-notch printing methods ensure your branding message stands out on the packaging.

Lidding Film Features

  • Custom printing
  • Heat shrinkable film
  • Laminate structure
  • Matte/gloss
  • Perforated roll
  • Pinhole
  • Product window
  • Resealable
  • Roll stock
  • Transparency
  • Various structures available