Autoclave PouchesPlastic Pouches for Medical Applications

Autoclave pouches are a very special segment of our product line. These pouches are specifically used for keeping tools and supplies sterile and free of any types of contamination. Our sterilization pouch bags are used for a wide range of applications in clinics, hospitals, dental centers, veterinary clinics.

For customized orders, we are able to source plastic material from a third party for manufacturing certain packaging solutions such as Tyvek pouches. Because of our flexible manufacturing processes and strategic geographic location, we are able to fulfill orders within very reasonable lead times. For larger orders, we offer consignment based supply chain solutions

Key features of Polynova sterilization pouches

  • Custom engineered barrier properties for optimal protection against bacteria, moisture, gas and light
  • Suitable for ETO, radiation or autoclave sterilization
  • Excellent tear and punctual resistance – Tyvek grade durability
  • Heat-seal or self-seal closure
  • Internal and external sterilization indicator
  • Variety of opening options such as corner or chevron peel and tear notch are available for your convenience
  • Convenient options such as hang hole or tabs
  • Custom designed to suit a great variety of shape and sizes.

Further Autoclave Pouches Features

  • 3-side seal
  • Barrier properties
  • Boilable
  • Custom printing
  • Easy open
  • Handle
  • Hang hole
  • Microwave-safe
  • Product window
  • Tear notch
  • Transparency
  • Various structures available

Markets Using Autoclave Pouches