Sachets & Stick Packs

Looking for packaging options for single-serve and sample products? Sachets and stick packs are perfect for you! These pouches come in various materials and sizes, catering to powders, crystals, and mixes used in the health, nutrition, and food and beverage sectors.

Customizable and printed to your specifications, sachets and stick packs can be designed with features that suit your specific needs. While they can be filled as preformed pouches, they are often created using flow wrap film in a form, fill, and seal machine, ensuring efficient packaging and sealing.

Sachets & Stick Packs Features

  • Custom printing
  • Roll stock
  • Laminate structure
  • Various structures available
  • Matte/gloss
  • 3-side seal

Sachets & Stick Packs Options

  • Tear notch
  • Product window

Markets Using Sachets & Stick Packs