Poly Bags for General Applications

Inexpensive packaging solutions with strong, clear presentation of your brand image

Polynova’s general application product line consists of packaging solutions for applications where a clear, but low-cost presentation is required. Beside flat poly bags, we supply a number of different low cost poly bag options.

Polynova offers custom sizes and types of poly bags as well as custom printing. Our in-house vertically integrated production capability allows for low turn-around time, as quick as three to four weeks. The general size range of our offering is 2 to 25 inch width and 2 to 50 inch length. The different plastic film types we use for our general application poly bags include PP, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE.

General Application Bag Features

  • Custom printing
  • Recyclable
  • Resealable
  • Transparency

Our general application poly bags serve a number of industries including agriculture, apparel, bakery, dry cleaning, electronics, fish/seafood, food, hardware, hosiery, hotel, house wares, manufacturing, medical, newspaper, pet food, poultry, promotional, retailing, shoes and trade shows.

  • We produce gusseted side seal or bottom seal polyethylene bags and wicket type poly bags for applications where special shape and style required.
  • For protection against moisture in particular, we offer a re-sealable zip lock poly bag that will keep your goods safe while allowing for easy access when opening and closing.

All our products can be manufactured by using biodegradable materials, recycled or starch based resins, if the application allows it. In certain situations, if the surface of the plastic packaging material must be made of virgin resin, recycled resin can be used as a middle layer by deploying co-extrusion technology.