We believe that being environmentally friendly is simply good business. Our environmental action plan is two-fold. We provide flexible packaging solutions that offer opportunities to lower the carbon footprint of products for our customers. The best example of significant carbon footprint reduction provided by our packaging solution is the Polynova barrier film pouches. With the advancement in plastic barrier technology, barrier packaging can provide as much protection for food products as tin cans, but the production and logistics of it consumes much less energy and is very easy to recycle. Another great example is our plastic air cushion bags (used for electronic goods) which can replace huge volumes of difficult to recycle Styrofoam type wrapping.

Regarding our own carbon footprint, we are definitely proactive! Upon consulting with our clients for specific applications, we use biodegradable additives in our film which degrades in 3-4 years. For other applications we use starch based resin or recycled resin. We also produce a wonderful reusable non-woven bag that is very durable and has a texture close to that of a woven fabric.

We also re-pelletize the majority of the scrap plastic in our plant and re-use it to make handle bags.

Please consult our sales engineer to discuss environmentally friendly packaging solutions for your own special products.