LDPE – Low Density Polyethylene: In 95% of our production, we are using a resin combination that contains LDPE. It has a soft feel to it and is very stretchy and pliable.

LLD-Linear Low Density: It is a different version of the LD resin. We normally blend this in with LDPE to increase toughness stong and improve seals.

mLLD – Metallocene Linear Low Density Polyethylene: Resin this is the newest high performance LLD resin. It will drastically improve toughness of the film; it can be sealed at a lower temperature and not easily burned through. We are using mLLD now to replace LLD.

HDPE – High Density Polyethylene: Crinkly when touched. Most of the supermarket t-shirt handle bags are made of HDPE. They are stronger and can be produced very thin (less than 1 mil) Unit for measurement for HD usually in microns (25micron = 1mil) With the installation of the new extrusion line, we will make more HD film. A natural color of the HD film is called frosty because it is not high clarity like the LD film.