Unlock the potential for extraordinary packaging enhancements, including in-line special finishes like foil and matte effects. Our cutting-edge digital calibration ensures optimum precision, guaranteeing exceptional print results every time.

Comparison table

Digital Printing
  • Lead Time

    Quick turnaround for on-demand orders, ideal for tight deadlines
    Slightly longer lead time due to plate setup and adjustments
    Longer lead time due to cylinder setup and extensive setup
  • Order Quantities

    Cost-effective for short to medium runs, suitable for market testing
    Economical for medium to large runs, suitable for established products
    Best suited for large volume production, ideal for widely distributed products
  • Setup Fees

    Minimal setup fees, no plates or cylinders, reducing initial costs
    Requires plate setup and adjustments, higher initial investment
    Requires expensive cylinder setup and adjustments, higher upfront investment
  • Colour Model

    Accurate CMYK colour model, digital files enable consistent branding
    CMYK colour model with limited spot colours, offering reasonable colour accuracy
    Precise CMYK colour model, high-quality prints with excellent colour replication
  • SKU Count

    Easily switch designs for multiple SKUs, perfect for diverse product lines
    Suitable for various SKUs, adjustments needed for each SKU
    Limited design changes for specific SKUs, ideal for large quantities of same design
  • Printed Prototype

    High-quality prototypes aid in testing and approval, reducing development time
    Prototypes can be produced, but may not match final production quality
    Prototypes can be produced, offering a preview of final product quality